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The Startups Connected initiative was created by the German-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in 2016, with the aim of promoting the rapprochement between its associated companies and startups in Brazil and Germany, as well as between the startups ecosystem of both countries.

The core proposal of the program is to bring companies and startups together to work in a pilot-project, while the German-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and its partners offer many benefits to support this process.

For startups:

To develop their business by connecting to corporations.

For corporations:

To innovate by connecting to startups.

For investors:

To invest in startups supported by an acceleration program, and adherent to corporate challenges.

German startups can join Startups Connected, by submitting their idea to the Healthier Life category:

The covid-19 pandemic brought the humanity challenges debate back to the world agenda.  Already very well represented by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the UN. Within these challenges, the health challenge, in its broadest meaning and as a right of all, gained relevance, perhaps becoming the most urgent.
How it works:
  • Market research

  • Support for a pilot project development (presential or remote meetings)

  • Roadshow in Brazil for one week (flight tickets and logistics costs included)

  • Office for one person in São Paulo for six months

  • AHK São Paulo association

  • Organization of meeting agenda

  • Customized event organized by AHK

  • Among others.