Overcome challenges, strengthen your business and make it more attractive to investors!

Acceleration drives the development of startups through a set of activities and resources so that they can grow and establish themselves quickly. This support involves training and mentoring, improving the business model, networking, legal advice, access to suppliers and capital, resources that startups might not otherwise be able to access at this point in the business. The ultimate goal of the acceleration is to provide startups with an environment conducive to their maturation, providing the support needed so that they can face market challenges and receive investment.


Among the main benefits of startups acceleration, we can mention:

  • Direct access to the German-Brazilian innovation and sustainability ecosystem;
  • Customization of the acceleration program for the respective goals and needs of the startups;
  • Use of AHK São Paulo’s expertise in innovation: already validated tools, processes and methodologies;
  • Network of mentors and consultants with proven knowledge and experience in their areas of expertise;
  • Monitoring and constant feedback throughout the acceleration cycle;
  • Intermediation with potential investors and business partners.

To support and leverage innovative ideas from startups, enthusiasts and non-profit institutions for the development of green hydrogen in Brazil, the iH2Brasil initiative was created, aiming to strengthen the Brazilian green hydrogen ecosystem. AHK SP currently coordinates the acceleration of the startups initiative’s , divided into three cycles. The startups category has the specific objective of leveraging innovative businesses and promoting open innovation through the development of pilot projects between startups and established companies. As a result, 08 startups will benefit from each of the three editions. Know more.


What is AHK 

The German-Brazilian Chamber of São Paulo (AHK São Paulo) has officially represented the German economy in Brazil for 105 years, acting as a base for strengthening and diversifying its members’ businesses, attracting investment to Brazil, expanding the bilateral trade and cooperation between both countries. The institution represents 800 German and Brazilian companies that together generate around 10% of the Brazilian industrial GDP and directly employ 250,000 people.

What is DIS

Since 2012, AHK São Paulo’s Department of Innovation and Sustainability has provided tools and knowledge so that our ecosystem, made up of associated companies, startups and other actors, takes advantage of opportunities and prepares for the challenges arising from new topics and solutions that are transforming the world as we know it today. DIS acts as a facilitating agent for the execution of connections and projects between companies and startups. We generate awareness, engagement and authority from tools aimed at improvements, growth in existing markets and exploration of new markets for our ecosystem.