Connect to actors of ecosystems that can accelerate your results in innovation and sustainability.

Startup Speed Dating is a thematic matchmaking tool of Startups Connected, used with the purpose of establishing connections and relationships between corporates associated to the German-Brazilian Chamber and startups with innovative solutions. There have been established more than 1,200 connections during the 18 previous business rounds.


For startups:

  • Quick and efficient way of mapping and connecting to potential clients;
  • Showcase the solution to decision makers;
  • Visibility for the Chamber’s associates.

For corporates:

  • Space for mapping out emerging solutions and technologies applied to your sector in a quick way;
  • Approximation to trends that can transform your business;
  • Structured accomplishment of open innovation, an important tool for finding disruptive solutions.

Each meeting is divided into 2 moments:

  • Orientation moment for the participants by the AHK team and and pitch of the startups;
  • Moment for prescheduled individual meetings between companies and startups.

The meetings take place online, through the Zoom platform.


After pre-registration you will receive an email confirming the receipt of the information, after analysis of fit with the theme, a must-answer confirmation of participation will be sent within the deadline to guarantee a place in the meeting. The other guidelines will be provided by the AHK SP team after confirming the registration.

When confirming registration, companies and startups make the commitment that at least one member of their teams will be present during the pitch moments and scheduled meetings, as this is an event that requires prior organization, non-attendance implies gaps in the agendas of the participants, which hinders the smooth running of the event.

After approving the startups and confirming registrations, our team, together with members of the participating companies, evaluates which companies and startups are most compatible in terms of challenges and solutions. Thus, when scheduling meetings, we seek the highest possible quality in the connections to be established.


What is AHK 

The German-Brazilian Chamber of São Paulo (AHK São Paulo) has officially represented the German economy in Brazil for 105 years, acting as a base for strengthening and diversifying its members’ businesses, attracting investment to Brazil, expanding the bilateral trade and cooperation between both countries. The institution represents 800 German and Brazilian companies that together generate around 10% of the Brazilian industrial GDP and directly employ 250,000 people.

What is DIS

Since 2012, AHK São Paulo’s Department of Innovation and Sustainability has provided tools and knowledge so that our ecosystem, made up of associated companies, startups and other actors, takes advantage of opportunities and prepares for the challenges arising from new topics and solutions that are transforming the world as we know it today. DIS acts as a facilitating agent for the execution of connections and projects between companies and startups. We generate awareness, engagement and authority from tools aimed at improvements, growth in existing markets and exploration of new markets for our ecosystem.