Overcome the organizational limits and boost your results in innovation and sustainability

The acceleration promotes the development of innovation and sustainability projects through the co-creation between corporates and startups based on pre-defined challenges. Corporates open their challenges to the ecosystem and startups present their innovative proposals and solutions for joint development. We understand that each corporate has its particularities and, therefore, to promote an adequate solution, we seek to understand the organizational reality, its objectives and demands, customizing the acceleration program.

Since 2016, there have been more than 1,500 business opportunities, 80 innovation challenges launched and 70 projects carried out between startups and companies with the support of Startups Connected. The acceleration of projects has positioned AHK in the last four years among the TOP 10 Ecosystems of Startups in Brazil, being the TOP 7 in 2022, according to the 100 Open Startups ranking.


Among the main premises of projects acceleration, we can mention:

  • Customization of the program for the respective objectives, needs and available internal assets;
  • Use of tools designed for ambidextrous companies (“exploit and explore” objectives);
  • Involvement of available internal assets and collaborators;
  • Use of AHK São Paulo’s expertise: already validated tools, processes and methodologies;
  • Acceleration of corporate innovation and sustainability results;
  • Neutrality and flexibility by AHK São Paulo;
  • Possibility of involving the value chain.

Among the main benefits of projects acceleration, we can mention:

  • Inception of external resources that are not available or are not easily accessible to the corporate;
  • Expansion of the brand’s positioning and reputation for the innovation and sustainability ecosystem;
  • Internal strengthening of the culture of innovation and sustainability;
  • Insertion in the German-Brazilian innovation and sustainability ecosystem;
  • Carrying out open innovation in a structured way;
  • Support for the design and implementation of an innovation and sustainability project;
  • Access to several benefits aimed at the successful viability of the project;
  • Possibility of accessing local innovation incentives to increment the project;
  • Support the development of innovative and sustainable solutions;
  • Support for defining the next steps after the end of the program.

What is AHK

The German-Brazilian Chamber of São Paulo (AHK São Paulo) has officially represented the German economy in Brazil for 105 years, acting as a base for strengthening and diversifying its members’ businesses, attracting investment to Brazil, expanding the bilateral trade and cooperation between both countries. The institution represents 800 German and Brazilian companies that together generate around 10% of the Brazilian industrial GDP and directly employ 250,000 people.

What is DIS

Since 2012, AHK São Paulo’s Department of Innovation and Sustainability has provided tools and knowledge so that our ecosystem, made up of associated companies, startups and other actors, takes advantage of opportunities and prepares for the challenges arising from new topics and solutions that are transforming the world as we know it today. DIS acts as a facilitating agent for the execution of connections and projects between companies and startups. We generate awareness, engagement and authority from tools aimed at improvements, growth in existing markets and exploration of new markets for our ecosystem.