Startups Connected Acceleration Program

The Startups Connected Acceleration Program has the goal to support the development of the Startups Connected Award winners, by promoting business between them and the companies that proposed each challenge. This acceleration is made throughout 3 months within a program designed individually with each startup, in order for activities to meet the momentum of each startup.


  • Travel expenses covered by DWIH;
  • Workstation in Sao Paulo for 3 months;
  • Space for meetings and events in Sao Paulo;
  • Connection with the company that proposed the challenge from which the startup has been selected;
  • Technological roadmap and support to apply the information (e.g. size of technological repertoire, temporal trend, among others);
  • Up to 15 hours of individual consultancy in multiple fields (e.g. innovation management, legal, tax, marketing, sales, HR, funding, internationalization, etc.) or specialized consultancy in business and team acceleration;
  • Mentors identification and appointment;
  • Prospecting and intermediation of B2B contacts (German-Brazilian Chamber associates);
  • Easy access to the companies that proposed other challenges;

How to participate

To participate in the Acceleration Program, you must sign up for the German-Brazilian Startups Award.



  • Join the activities (group meetings and Demoday);
  • Commit to agreements made with consultants and mentors.


Winners announcement

September 27th

Acceleration Program

From October to January


March 20th, 2019