The German Center for Research and Innovation São Paulo is looking for innovative solutions to

Resilient Society

Is your Startup based in Germany, and interested in operating as a business or establishing R&D cooperation in Brazil? The German Center for Research and Innovation São Paulo (DWIH São Paulo) is searching for innovative solutions that promote a resilient society, such as edtechs, healthtechs, greentechs, cleantechs, citytechs, govtechs and fintechs, among others. Startups with researchers as entrepreneurs, with ongoing academic activity or recent graduates of scientific institutions will be prioritized.


Resilience, a concept  widely used today, actually describes an ancient ability: that of resisting, preparing, adapting and recovering in the face of a disturbance or emergency that may limit possibilities and resources. It is with resilience that one might overcome or mitigate the impacts of economic, environmental, political, social or institutional crises. On the other hand, without this ability, systems, companies and people may reach critical spots or irreversible ruptures, which put their very existence at risk.

It is not possible to predict and prevent all crises as the world evolves, but it is possible to develop resilience in order to protect the present and the future of humanity and of our planet. Throughout the covid-19 pandemic, the current climate crisis, the recent threats to democratic structures, for example, we have witnessed lessons of resilience in the fields of education, health, science, sustainable development, urban life, governance and work.

In this context, startups play an important role as a bridge between the results of scientific research and their respective utilization, to provide society with the conditions for a more resilient and sustainable development in the areas of health, education, governance, smart cities and others

Challenge “Resilient Society”

In 2023 the DWIH network, composed of The German Center for Research and Innovation São Paulo and other five units in other countries, adopted “Resilient Society” as its central theme.

By promoting the category “Resilient Society” in the 7th Startups Connected Program, DWIH São Paulo encourages German startups with solutions based on scientific research to build partnerships with science and business in Brazil.

The subscribed startup should offer an innovative solution that contributes to a resilient society or is the result of exemplary resilience measures. For example, the promotion of science and education, the improvement in healthcare and of the health system, the preservation and recovery of the environment and the development of people-centered smart cities in addition to the strength of social cohesion, the promotion of democracy and transparency (through the digitalization of the government), the improvement of public services and the expansion of the population’s access to them, the development of new products, platforms and financial solutions and the fight against fake news.

The startup is expected to be interested in operating as a business, as well as in establishing R&D cooperation in Brazil. To this end, the startup has the opportunity to participate at acceleration process offered by the German-Brazilian Chamber (AHK São Paulo) jointly with DWIH São Paulo, and has to be willing to comply to its terms.

Startups with researchers as entrepreneurs, with ongoing academic activity or recent graduates of scientific institutions will be prioritized.

Summary of application requirements:

  • Link of the innovative solution with the challenge “Resilient Society”.
  • Contribute to the sustainability of economic, environmental and social development, associated with UN SDG challenges.
  • Interest in operating as a business, as well as establishing R&D cooperations in Brazil.

Summary of evaluation criteria:

  • Innovative character of the solution and its impact (scope and intensity);
  • Potential for the Brazilian market;
  • Prior knowledge of the Brazilian market;
  • Profile of startup leaders: priority will be given to those who have young researchers as entrepreneurs, with ongoing academic activity or recent graduates from scientific institutions.


By winning the “Resilient Society” category, the startup gets the opportunity to participate in the acceleration program offered by AHK São Paulo, as well as to enjoy the DWIH São Paulo’s network, to build contacts with partners, possible customers and centers of excellence that can help in the development or improvement of their solution for the Brazilian market.

Benefits offered by the acceleration program:

  • Market research;
  • Support for pilot project development (face-to-face or remote meetings);
  • One week roadshow in Brazil (airfare and accommodation included);
  • Use of coworking space by a representative in São Paulo for up to six months;
  • Association to AHK São Paulo;
  • Intermediation of contacts;
  • Tailor-made event organized by AHK (Demo Day or similar).


  • Deadline for registrations: June 15, 2023;
  • Pre-selection and announcement of finalists: until June 30, 2023;
  • Pitch-day (online) and selection of the winner by the jury: until July 12th, 2023;
  • Public announcement and opportunity for networking for of the winner: at the 2023 (End of September);
  • Trip to Brazil in September or latest November 2023.

Join us in the Resilient Society category and present your solution in Brazil, with support from the German-Brazilian Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the German Center for Research and Innovation São Paulo (DWIH São Paulo).

By submitting your startup, you agree to AHK’s and DWIH’s Data Protection Policies.

About DWIH São Paulo

The DWIH São Paulo is part of a global Network of five Centres which is overseen by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The goal is to increase the visibility in Brazil of Germany as a scientific and technological centre and foster exchange between German and Brazilian scientific institutions.
Both Germany and Brazil consider science and innovation to be key areas  for ensuring  economic, social and sustainable environmental development. For 50 years, the two countries have promoted comprehensive and fruitful scientific cooperation. With the opening of DWIH São Paulo, Germany took an important step towards strengthening ties with its Brazilian partners.